August 2015


Type Description Closing Awarded Value
Quote The Region is accepting quotes for the installation of four (4) concrete aprons in front of three (3) separate Interlakes Fire Halls at the following locations:  Hall 1 - 7348 Sheridan lake Road West(West Hall)  Hall 2 - 7657 Hwy 24 (Central Hall)  Hall 3 - 8260 Little Fort Hwy 24 (East Hall) Aug 27, 2015
@ 2:00 pm
Quote The Region is seeking the services of a contractor to replace the existing interior and exterior lighting at the Kersley Fire Hall located at 4839 Edwards Road in Quesnel (Kersley), BC. The Region manages the facility and will coordinate and manage this project. Aug 27, 2015
@ 2:00 pm
D&S Electric
Quote The Region is accepting quotes for the Construction of additional vehicle bay at Hall 2 – Forest Grove Fire Protection. This RFQ is the same as the one issued in June but with a significantly reduced addition and scope of work. Sep 9, 2015
@ 2:00 pm

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