House Numbering

In case of a medical emergency, every second house numbers picture counts. Are you sure that the ambulance can quickly and easily find your house? Having a house number properly displayed is an important factor that can save precious seconds in a life-threatening situation. House numbers also help to provide clear directions for tourists and friends, as well as for postal and delivery services.

The Cariboo Regional District is providing house numbering services to all residents outside the municipal boundaries.

When calling to request a house number, residents should be prepared to provide a legal description of their property. The proper legal description may be found on the property deed or on the tax assessment notice. The Cariboo Regional District can also use the property identification number (PID) indicated on the tax notice. To assign a new number on large acreage, owners may also be required to provide a drawing showing the location of the house relative to the property boundaries.

To get a house number fill out the application form.

Page last modified: January 05, 2016 14:27:33 PST