Sub-regional Economic Development Services

As part of the Cariboo Regional District’s commitment to community economic development, the CRD has established and administers several economic development services to support economic development activities at a sub-regional level. These services are primarily funded through taxes levied from benefitting properties, based on the assessed residential property values. For many of these services, the CRD has entered into partnership agreements with local organizations, committing funds for the delivery of services which promote economic and community development.

North Cariboo Economic Development

Established in 1992, the North Cariboo Economic Development function (Bylaw No. 2586) provides funding support through contributions for economic development activities in the service area. Electoral Areas A, B, C and I participate in the service, and taxation is based on the residential assessed value of land and improvements.

Through this service, core economic development service is provided by means of a contribution to the City of Quesnel to complete economic development activities. Additionally, tourism infrastructure, including public outhouses at Deserter Creek, Bouchie Lake and Milburn Lake west of Quesnel and at Stanley Cemetery and Blessings Grave on Highway 26, are supported through maintenance agreements with partner organizations.

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