Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes imageEach community has them. They are always there, usually working hard behind the scenes. They are the ones that bring our communities together. Yes, we are talking about those unsung Hometown Heroes! The CRD's UpFront newsletter will now feature a regular Hometown Hero column, profiling those people in our communities throughout the Cariboo Chilcotin that make a difference in our lives with the special things they do.

If you know someone who has made a difference in your community, we want to hear from you. Tell us about your Hometown Heroes and maybe they will be featured in future editions. Simply contact your local CRD Director, or email your stories to or fax them to the CRD at 250-392- 2812.

Linda Barbondy

Posted: Jul 16, 2014
Linda Barbondy is one of our hometown heroes. She runs the Esler Slo-Pitch League and has done so for many years. Linda puts in countless hours of her personal time into the organization and improvement of the league, fields and facility. Without her, many say that Williams Lake would not have the excellent baseball league that it has. She is tireless in her efforts and never asks for any recognition or acknowledgement. On behalf of all of those that enjoy slo-pitch in our community, we would like to thank Linda for being so dedicated to the sport and to her community. We salute you!


Ken Gisby

Posted: Mar 13, 2014

Chief Ken Gisby – Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Ken Gisby, resident of Greeny Lake saw a need and made it a reality. Ken has spent 41 years of his life in service to communities across BC as a fire fighter. He saw a need in Greeny Lake for a fire department and called in personal favours and used his past working relationships in the service to help outfit and supply the new service. Over the past seven years, this independent volunteer fire department has become certified by the Fire Underwriters, built a new fire hall, and has well trained fire fighters and first responders and has been able to accomplish these feats while remaining debt free.

In November of 2013, Chief Gisby was recognized for 40 years of fire service in the province. Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department has benefited from those years of knowledge, his contacts and Ken’s own brand of determination.

Chief Gisby has dedicated much of his life to community service and fire-fighting. For these reasons, he is truly a Home Town Hero.

If you live in the Greeny Lake area and are not sure as to whether you have fire protection, contact Ken Gisby at 250-396-7463.


Wayne Charlton

Posted: Mar 12, 2014

Wayne CarltonWayne Charlton has been President of the Kersley Community Association for 11 & ½ years now, and has been installed by acclamation each and every year. Not a day goes by that Wayne is not involved with some community matter.

At the Kersley Community Hall, Wayne has been involved with a massive extension and renovations. He was involved in the decision to give a portion of the Kersley park area to locate a new fire hall and then renovated and furnished the old fire hall himself for community use by the Brownies, Guides and two theatre groups. 

After the Kelowna fires of 2004, it was time to get to work at the Sisters' Creek Recreational Area to clear dead pine bordering a residential sub-division.  No money was available so, Wayne lined up some local equipment and lots of volunteers with chainsaws.  Wayne was in and out of the area each and every working day.  When Wayne was out of money, he sent a letter to the Ministry of Forests and Range in Victoria.  Kersely received $27,000!  Kersley became a model community who were doing something about the pine beetle problem.  Eventually Kersley received a total of $75,000 to finish this work.

In the coming year, Tourism BC grant money will be used for further planning of this recreational area.

In his spare time during the winter, Wayne does snowplowing at the hall and elsewhere for the community.


Roy Teed

Posted: Mar 12, 2014

Roy TeedMany of you know a familiar face in the North Cariboo and for that matter throughout the province. This edition's Hometown Hero is none other than Kersley's own playwright, Roy Teed.

Roy Teed has been writing all his life and for the stage in particular since 1987. He is a graduate (BFA) of the University of British Columbia where he majored in creative writing. He believes he's written over 30 plays (he lost count after 29) and is currently working on a new script with a working title of “Sweet Song Farewell”. Roy occasionally delves into fiction writing and recently had a short collection published under a pseudonym. 

Teed is the manager of the Kersley recreation function which includes the Arena and its programming as well as the Community Hall. He has lived in the Kersley area all his life and has been with the CRD since the New York Islanders ruled the Stanley Cup.


Jim Mowery

Posted: Mar 12, 2014

Jim MoweryThis edition’s Hometown Hero, Mr. Jim Mowery  is a familiar face to many in the Central Cariboo.   Mr. Mowery was recently recognized by the CRD Board with a Long Term Service Award for his years of service and dedication to the region.

In 2008 the CRD Board established a policy for recognition of retiring volunteers who have served on Cariboo Regional District Commissions for a minimum of 10 years. Mr Mowery, the first recipient of this award, has been involved with the CRD in a volunteer capacity since the early 70's. He was recognized and honoured for his hard work and commitment in providing over 35 years of service to the Area E Advisory Planning Commission and the CRD. 



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