Elections & Assent Voting

Local government elections in British Columbia are currently held every 4 years. This includes elections for mayors, councillors, regional district electoral area directors and school trustees. The next general local elections in B.C. will be held in 2022. 

Residents, as well as persons that own property within the jurisdiction of the local government but do not reside there, may be eligible to vote provided eligibility requirements of the Local Government Act are met.

By-elections may be held if the office of a director becomes vacant.

In addition to elections and by-elections, the Regional District may also hold an assent vote (referendum) to obtain the assent of the electors on a proposed service or other matter.

Read the CRD’s election bylaw for more information on election procedures.

Alternative Approval Processes (AAP)

There are three Alternative Approval Processes for the purchase of fire trucks in Forest Grove, Kersley and Lone Butte. For more information, follow the links below.

Forest Grove AAP 

Kerlsey VFD AAP

Lone Butte AAP

Assent Votes (Referendums)

There are currently no assent votes.


Area F By-Election

The preliminary results for the by-election held on March 30, 2019, for Electoral Area F Director are as follows:

  • LeBourdais = 315
  • O’Neill = 27
  • Rerie = 50

The official election results will be announced Tuesday, April 2.

By-Election Candidates

There are three candidates running in the by-election. Click on the candidate’s name to read their biography, if it has been provided by the candidate. The biographies are also posted in the sidebar (below on mobile). Please note, the Cariboo Regional District has not vetted nor altered the information provided by the candidates.

Maureen LeBourdais

Brice O'Neill

Shannon Rerie



Elections Map

Use our interactive map below to determine which Electoral Area or Municipality your property falls within. To use the search function (magnifying glass) in the top right hand corner of the map, simply type your address in the search bar and search. The pop-up will tell you which Electoral Area or Municipality you are in.

Helpful Links

For more election resources, please visit the provincial government website.

For information about campaign financing, election advertising and third party sponsor rules, contact Elections BC.

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