Central Cariboo Recreation

Grand Opening of the Sam Ketcham Pool

The grand opening of the Sam Ketcham Pool is Dec. 14, 2017. Read more HERE.


Sam Ketcham Pool Time Lapse

The Sam Ketcham Pool Upgrade Project has gone high-tech with a construction site video camera. This picture is updated every 10 minutes. Monthly time-lapse videos of the progress are linked below.

 Webcam: Williams Lake Recreation Centre


Watch the Monthly Time Lapse Videos

Sep. 2017 - Tiling, painting, removal of wall youtu.be/CtmHi4oMnDw

Aug. 2017 - Tiling & water slide construction youtu.be/xWFEVN9Wm9c

June/July 2017 - Progress on the leisure pool youtu.be/nfvNwt1eWi4 

May 2017 - Form & concrete work on leisure pool youtu.be/B6jF4j9keDQ

Apr. 2017 - Piping / concrete / rebar on leisure pool youtu.be/9C4-zij8GUY

Mar. 2017 - Demolition / initial piping of old pool youtu.be/GDpPcLsJ39I

Feb. 2017 Part 2 - demolition of old pool youtu.be/PiMfwrjunzw

Feb. 2017 Part 1 - lap pool / hot tub youtu.be/ueuM7iuylIc

Jan. 2017 - lap pool / hot tub youtu.be/DnrbTg0c-aE

Dec. 2016  - First lap pool water test / hot tub wall construction. youtu.be/fRpGYeABoYM

Nov. 2016  - Pool wall construction / hot tub construction / window installation. youtu.be/rhYhOK7o7Sc 

Oct. 2016   - Pipe installation / rebar work. youtu.be/8UQJr9EH3lM

Sept. 2016 - Lap pool painting / wall enclosure / piping prep work. youtu.be/PKotwTldxhk

Aug. 2016  - Lap pool construction / phase one parking lot. youtu.be/Dg0nnlKQfvw

July, 2016  - Beginning of lap pool and maintenance room construction. youtu.be/2My5R0sR42Y

June, 2016 - Pouring concrete / roof construction for fitness area / demolition. youtu.be/Kqe0fyEf0kI

May, 2016  - Parking lot and lap pool excavation / change room foundations. youtu.be/QhyKv9vBbfQ.

April, 2016 - Demolition and excavation.  youtu.be/dLFr1yuvTmk


Central Cariboo Recreation and Leisure Services

The Central Cariboo Recreation and Leisure Services function was established in 2007 by Bylaw No. 4226, which merged the functions for Central Cariboo Recreation (Bylaw No. 3894 – 2004) and Central Cariboo Leisure Services (Bylaw No. 3951 – 2004).

The new Recreation and Leisure Services function has a mandate to provide the following services:

  • Swimming pool complex;
  • Twin ice arena facility;
  • Recreation and cultural programming;
  • Trail development and maintenance;
  • Sports fields, facility development and maintenance.

Services are generally provided from the Cariboo Memorial Complex, which is owned by the Cariboo Regional District and operated under contract by the City of Williams Lake. It is located at 525 Proctor Street. The Cariboo Memorial Complex features:

  • Twin ice arenas;
  • Sam Ketcham Pool;
  • Gibraltar Room multi-purpose space.

Residents are invited to consult the Leisure Guide to Active Living, published three times per year, which lists the courses and activities offered. You can also contact the Cariboo Memorial Complex at (250) 398-7665.

Also included in this function is the Esler Sports Complex, which includes slo-pitch, soccer and minor fastball fields under use and occupancy agreements with local associations.

An annual contribution agreement is also in place with the Scout Island Nature Centre to support operation of its extensive trail networks.

Various other community projects, such as neighborhood outdoor rinks, trails or bike parks are supported on a project by project basis.

Tourism operators provide recreational opportunities all year long in many different activities such as spa and ranch vacations, birding, flightseeing, jetboating, river rafting, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, and hiking.

The Directors for Electoral Areas “D”, “E”, and “F” and the City of Williams Lake are responsible for the governance of this service, which is provided through the Central Cariboo/City of Williams Lake Joint Committee with advisory support from volunteers on the Central Cariboo Recreation Advisory Committee. The Central Cariboo Joint Committee (CCJC) holds an open, public meeting once per month.

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