Herbicide Dispensing Program

The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) offers Herbicide Dispensing to residents through our Landowner Assistance Program. In general, to qualify for the Program you must be a resident of the CRD, have more than 1 acre, and ensure the herbicide is to be used on an invasive/noxious plant listed within Schedule A of the CRD's Invasive Plant Management Regulation Bylaw No. 4740, Schedule A of the BC Weed Control Act, and/or any other relevant legislative regulation related to invasive plants. Participants of the Program are required to attend a mandatory dispensing session where information regarding the herbicide and it's proper use are provided. Upon qualification and attendance to the dipensing session, residents with 5 acres or less may receive a demonstration amount of 500mL - 1L of herbicide, and residents with 5 acres or more may receive a demonstration amount of 1L - 2L of herbicide. Landowner's are eligible to take advantage of this program once a year and are required to bring their tax assessment notice with them to the despensing session to prove ownership and size of the land. Furthermore, the herbicide provided through the Landowner Assistance Program is industrially/agriculturally labelled and is not suitable for, nor encouraged, to be used for any cosmetic purposes; including, but not limited to: lawn, ornamental, and/or eatable garden situations. For information on the control of invasive plants on small acreages, please refer to the Invasive Plant Control page or contact the Invasive Plant Management Program. For more information regarding this Program or to take advantage of it, contact the Invasive Plant Management Program at 1.800.665.1636 or

Spray Equipment Loan Program

The Cariboo Regional District provides further assistance to landowners by offering spray equipment loans including backpack sprayers, skid tank sprayers, and ATV sprayers as part of the Landowner Assistance Program. The equipment is available from May to August for durations of seven days can be picked-up from any of the three major centres in the area including 100 Mile House, Quesnel, and Williams Lake.

Private Property Treatment Program

The Landowner Assistance Program provides homeowner’s with a hands-on educational experience through private property treatments. Throughout the invasive plant control season (May – August) Cariboo Regional District (CRD) Invasive Plant Management staff will conduct the initial treatment of qualified private properties for invasive plants. As the treatment is being completed, CRD staff will provide instruction and demonstrate to landowners the methods used to control invasive plants. Following the initial treatment, homeowners will be encouraged to access the other two elements of the Landowner Assistance Program through herbicide dipensing and equipment loans to maintain their properties.

These programs are very popular and waiting lists are usually maintained throughout the invasive plant control season. If you are interested in signing up for these free services or have any questions, it is recommended that you call 1.800.665.1636 or email us at your earliest opportunity.

50/50 Cost Share Programs

The Cariboo Regional District is pleased to announce plans to incorporate a new 50/50 cost sharing pilot project to the existing Invasive Plant Management’s Landowner Assistance Program. The new 50/50 cost sharing pilot project will supplement existing programs by offering landowners a rebate of up to 50% of the cost of invasive plant control done by a contractor on their private land or rebate up to 50% of the cost to purchase herbicide for use controlling invasive plants on their own land. Please contact the Cariboo Regional District’s Invasive Plant Management Program if you would like more information or are interested in participating.

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